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PharmaGuide's Goal is to provide the tools required to improve health outcomes by identifying patients who require therapeutic intervention and expediting their access to treatment.
About Us
PharmaGuide specializes in equipping healthcare providers with solutions to increase efficiency with the end goal of improving patient outcomes. Through direct integrations with multiple health platforms, we are able to intelligently analyze data and flag patients that could benefit from treatment modifications. PharmaGuide then automatically executes all the steps necessary in order to get the patient and healthcare providers what they need.

PharmaGuide also specializes in providing pharmacist with specific tools to increase their efficiency in providing pharmacy services such as Medschecks, prescription renewals, prescription adaptions, smoking cessation programs and many more.
Retail Pharmacy
Our software (PHOX) was designed by pharmacists for pharmacists.
Pharmaceutical Services
Pharmaceutical services such as MedsChecks, Pharmaceutical opinions and Smoking cessation programs are a very lucrative source of income. PHOX makes conducting services fast and easy.
Our team of developers is constantly implementing new features and expanding our offering. We are always listening to our customers and strive to implement all the tools that they find useful
Efficient Documentation
PHOX automatically and efficiently generates a wide variety of necessary pharmacy documents such Vacation supply, New RX and Refill RX documentation, Early refill, Verbal RX, Trillium, Drug Special authorization, Frequent dispensing, Blister pack authorization forms and many more
Secure and Confidential
Privacy and Security is of the utmost importance to PharmacGuide. We utilize top of the line security protocols to secure your patient data. Furthermore, your database is always stored locally at your own pharmacy giving you full control
Advanced Analytics and Reporting
PHOX directly integrates with your Pharmacy software database allowing you to gain intelligent insights to your drug movement, prescription movement at your store or multiple stores allowing pharmacy owners to make the best decisions for their business
Remote Access
PHOX allows pharmacists to conduct visits at home and long term care facilities greatly increasing their efficiency
Our Advantages
We are a new breed of pharmacists. Our goal is to be the bridge between an ancient healthcare platform and the future where true synergy exists across all healthcare providers for the patient's benefit
Our software exemplifies efficiency by automatically completing complex and lengthy forms thereby enabling healthcare providers to focus on the patient. We also directly integrate and gather data from multiple existing health platforms to expedite documentation and identification
Our software analyzes patient profiles for uncontrolled conditions and alerts healthcare providers of potential concerns
Brand Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
PharmaGuide works with brand drug manufacturers to support pharmacies, pharmacists and physicians to improve patient care

Patient Identification
Our software (PHOX) is able to help identify patients who would benefit from additional medication therapy

Special Authorization Forms
PHOX automatically pre-fills all insurance, Trillium, Limited Use and Pharmaceutical opinion forms saving all health practitioners significant time
Advanced analytics
PHOX tracks data and provides reports on drug movement, time from eligible patient identification to prescription, and much more
Generic Drug Manufacturers
PharmaGuide works with generic drug manufacturers to support pharmacies and pharmacists in inventory management
Win win relationship
Build your business relationship by treating your pharmacies to the most advanced suite designed to increase their pharmaceutical services revenue.
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Access to the most advanced drug movement analytics
Create a mutually beneficial relationship between pharmacy owners and sales representatives to streamline and optimize ordering and inventory management
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Privacy and Confidentiality
Any information collected will be exclusively used to complete requested services
Our Staff will never contact any patrons or associates of the pharmacy
All reports produced will exclusively be provided to the client
Data and/or reports will never be disclosed to any party without the written consent of the client
All staff have submitted a full privacy and confidentiality agreement
Contact Us
Please feel free to give us a call or send us an e-mail and we'd love to discuss how PharmaGuide can be a solution for you. Also feel free to us fill the form below with your information and we'll be in touch as soon as possible!
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