Frequently Asked Questions

What is PHOX?

PHOX is a completely cloud-based, pharmacy add-on suite that integrates with current dispensing platforms to support pharmacists in completing required tasks such as documentation of patient services, shipping, identifying new revenue streams, and maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies.


I just signed up for PHOX, What do I do next?

Once you have created your user account and selected the package you would like, please download and install Splashtop from the pharmacy enrollment tab (allow remote access) and complete the pharmacy registration form.
Our team will complete the setup after hours and have you ready to go by the following morning!


Is there a chance of corrupting my data?

PHOX Cloud does not have write access to your database and thus can never corrupt your data.


Can I access PHOX from home?

Absolutely! PHOX is designed to allow you to serve your patients (including virtual MedsChecks), and keep an eye on your business virtually from anywhere in Canada!


Is PHOX secure?

PHOX was designed and created by pharmacists who fully understand your needs. All modules are carefully developed to improve care and efficiency while ensuring the safety and security of data. We collaborate with the most trusted experts, such as Medstack, Google Cloud Platform and Auth0 to ensure the safety and security of your data.
Click here to see more information about data safety and security.


Can I try PHOX to see how it fits into my practice?

Of course! Click here to signup for your risk-free 30 day trial to the GOLD Package.


We need customized solutions, can you help?

Sure, our enterprise solutions packages offer custom modules that are designed and developed to fit your unique needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help your team optimize patient outcomes while improving clinical efficiencies.