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Check out some of the unique features and capabilities available through PHOX

Unlock Your Pharmacy's True Potential With PHOX Dash

Stop generating reports and filling out spreadsheets, and start focusing your time and energy on untapped opportunities, and potential risks that are guaranteed to have an impact on your bottom line! Keep an eye on your pharmacy’s growth, anywhere and anytime with PHOX Dash!

Tired of Audits and Clawbacks? Try PHOX Today!

PHOX Rx Auditor keeps your money in your pockets by identifying prescriptions which have been billed incorrectly, or inappropriately per LU Code, or intervention code requirements and are at high risk to be flagged for recovery by ODB and other third party payers.

Pharmacy Deliveries Made Easy With PHOX

Compare the rates of multiple courier companies in seconds with PHOX2Ship and get your deliveries out in seconds. Best of all, no address entry means no entry errors - ensuring that medications get to the right place, everytime!

Solutions Created By Pharmacists For Pharmacists.

We understand the many challenges that go into providing care for patients, preparing medications for dispensing, documenting outcomes, managing controlled products, arranging for deliveries, managing inventory of thousands of medications, and preparing for audits and inspections (just to mention a few…) and decided there had to be a better way!